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Israeli label House Of The Last Light have recently released a compilation called With Eyes Wide Open For A Brighter Future. Subtitled 9/11 In Memory And Myth , it features Clear Stream Temple with the track Negative Affirmation, as well as other artists including 15 Degrees Below Zero, Kadaver, Circle Six, Thee Virginal Brides & Cheerleader69, and Ctephin.

We have copies in stock of the new Cold Spring Record's DCD compilation Swarm, which features an exclusive Clear Stream Temple track, Division (City of Mosques). Though this song will never be issued on any other release, it gives an indication of the sound of the next Clear Stream Temple album.

A series of Clear Stream Temple desktop wallpapers are available from Cold Spring Records.

With Eyes Wide Open For A Brighter Future Swarm


Clear Stream Temple- XVI (Cold Spring Records) The debut album from 2003. 12€/$14US
Swarm Compilation DCD (Cold Spring Records) featuring Clear Stream Temple, Kreuzweg Ost, Zos Kia, Andrew Liles, Shinjuku Thief, Sleep Research Facility, Von Thronstahl, Kriegsfall-U, Band of Pain, A Challenge of Honour, Werkraum, Schloss Tegal, HERR, and more. 13€/$15US
With Eyes Wide Open For A Brighter Future
Compilation (House Of The Last Light) featuring Clear Stream Temple, and others. 12€/$14US
Extreme Noise Obsession Compilation (Isolated Society) featuring Clear Stream Temple, and others. 10€/$12US

Clear Stream Temple- XVI Extreme Noise Obsession

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